“Dealing with Difficult or Challenging Volunteers”

By Donna Lockhart, The RETHINK Group


There are no current sessions being offered. If you are interested in this topic for your community, contact us.  

“99% of volunteers, volunteer to do great work. It is likely that the 1% we call challenging or difficult take up most of our time” We need to learn how to work with, deal with and resolve issues that arise from challenging volunteers. This half day workshop will focus on the following:

•·        What are the key myths with regard to difficult volunteers?

•·        We will explore some hard truths!

•·        Examine some strategies and steps we can take.

•·        Find solutions to the cases you identify. 

Donna will tailor this workshop to deal with the challenges you face. This workshop will combine information with group work so that when you leave, you will have ideas/steps and strategies to use for your current or future situations.

If this is a topic of interest to you contact: donna@rethinkgroup.ca 


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