Building a

Recruitment & Retention Strategy for

Baby Boomers

Presented by Donna Lockhart, CVRM




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Recruitment and Retention challenges have always been present in the voluntary sector. There never seem to be enough hands to get the work done. This is increasingly evident in today’s environment with the changing dynamics of volunteers (what they want and are willing to do); incredible competition for resources; shifts in the definitions of work-retirement; shifts in family needs and support; and, a growing concern about the overall general decrease in volunteerism. And at a time when the largest group of potential volunteers move into what is considered the “retirement years” or “freedom to choose time.” A time during which we come to expect people to increase their commitment and time to volunteering in communities.

My professional perspective: “The majority of baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) have no idea what opportunities/possibilities await them in their communities and therefore are not actively going out to seek volunteer experiences. They are enjoying the freedom of disposable time. Many have never volunteered in their life time. Those who have know what they do not want to do. It is our job, those of us who focus on all aspects of engaging volunteers in the work of our organizations, to actively seek people with skills, passion and experience and turn them into volunteers. We have our work cut out for us!”  

This workshop has been designed for organizations who want to better understand  recruitment and retention practices, specifically focused on this “Baby Boom” group. When you leave this workshop you will have developed your own Recruitment and Retention PLAN that you can start to implement the moment you are back in the office.  Recruitment and Retention have a synergy that makes them a vital component of good volunteer engagement. 

This workshop will focus on learning in the following areas:

  1. Key Recruitment and Retention practices that you can apply to other groups.
  2. Baby Boomer characteristics and how to use this information to your advantage. 
  3. What volunteer roles/opportunities might appeal to them? What do you have to offer?
  4. Build a recruitment strategy to find, attract and engage this group of change-makers called “Baby Boomers”.
  5. Understand the connection and dynamics between recruitment and retention so you can excel at both and,   
  6. Build a retention strategy based on 4 top strategies identified by volunteers.   


Facilitator and course designer, Donna Lockhart, of The RETHINK Group, is best known for her online course for Charity Village (Building a Great Volunteer Program) and her 15 years of teaching the Certificate in Volunteer Management.  Donna has 35 years of knowledge and direct experience she will share with you.


Workshop Testimonials – Overall 94% participant satisfaction rate!

“Donna is a fantastic facilitator and a strong advocate for volunteerism and the role of the volunteer coordinator. She is an expert in the field and her knowledge and experience is such a valuable gift to her attendees.” Angela Canavan, Brock Community Health Care.

Donna is an expert and professional presenter and was a pleasure to listen to for the workshop - Jyl Paas Program Co-ordinator, J.W. MacIntosh Seniors Support Centre, Cornwall Ontario

Thank you for the great workshop Donna! Jess Lawrence, Katimavik Ottawa


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