Wonder whether you should attend one of my workshops? Hire me to conduct an assessment of your volunteer services? Train your staff? Present or speak at your next conference? Read the testimonials from past participants. They tell the story better than I can!! But here's my training philosophy:

" I am very humbled and honored when I receive such glowing testimonials from my workshop participants. I work very hard to tailor my sessions to meet their needs. For my workshops, I conduct online surveys with the registrants and try to address all of their questions during the workshops...people really, really appreciate this. This often comes at the cost of not completing the agenda or finishing in a different manner. I will sacrifice content to address needs every time!! To help compensate, I provide great handouts that cover the full topic. So thanks to everyone who attends these professional development opportunities. I do this training so YOU can increase your ability to attract, support and expand the volunteer resources necessary for your organization to meet its mission." Donna Lockhart, The RETHINK Group  


"Client Testimonials"

Develop a Strong Team: Staff-Volunteers Working Together"

"Best workshop I have been to in ages because it provided ideas, suggestions, resources I can start using immediately. This morning I was ready to evaluate and then "can" a program that has not been supported by staff and now I am excited to see it succeed because of the new ideas I am going to work on." KAAAV participant in the workshop.

"Great workshop. It provided ideas and suggestions that I can start to implement immediately. The sharing of ideas from other participants gave me some new strategies to implement as well. Donna is a great facilitator and I would recommend this workshop to all Volunteer Coordinators/Managers." Marg Gow, Coordinator of Volunteer Resources Canadian Mental Health Association - Simcoe County Branch

"It was great to have the opportunity to be refreshed with this educational opportunity. It was a packed day of practical information, lots of ideas and time to interact with other professionals. Donna knows 'her stuff' and presents the material and leads the workshop in a very professional manner. The day inspired me to stretch a little taller and reach a little further." Marguerite Glanfield, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County

Building a Recruitment & Retention Strategy for Baby Boomers

" Donna's seminars are always very interesting. Her obvious enthusiasm for volunteerism keeps my interest throughout the seminar. I look forward to attending other seminars that she facilitates. Thanks Donna." Fran Hitchmough, Volunteer Program Coordinator, Providence Healthcare Toronto.

"Thank you for a great session. This will surely help me target our future volunteers. Cindy Peterson, Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre.  

"I was in Toronto at HAAO Conference the day before (for the same price) and received far better value for my money at your workshop." Unsigned comment.


Best Practices Successful Volunteer Engagement

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent workshop yesterday. You have inspired and regenerated me in my position. I found your workshop very beneficial and has given me ideas for my next volunteer meeting in September   Thank you so much for a great day!  Patricia White, Program/VQRP Coordinator, Owen Sound.


"Excellent training session, very well delivered with great opportunities to network and share."Kevin Feagan, Manager Municipal Law Enforcement, City of Oshawa.

" The workshop was fantastic. I came away with a new perspective on how to recruit volunteers and how the volunteer can be beneficial to the workplace." Connie Ingram, Program Coordinator Community Care.

"I think Donna was an inspiring individual. Myself being a staff member in a union organization, Donna intrigued me into accepting and looking at volunteers to help enrich the work environment." Melissa, Oshawa Animal Services.

" I enjoyed Donna's relaxed style of teaching. She was very knowledgeable, kept the discussions on track, and answered questions as we went along. Donna fostered an open and positive learning environment." Lisa Gouveia, Volunteer Coordinator, The Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough.

1 thing I appreciated in today’s workshop on best practices was:

  • Your style of presenting and facilitating the training was genuine and relaxed as well as very professional and informative.
  • The honest way you answered questions especially about volunteers not being our friends but rather there to do a job.
  • Ensuring that everyone took something away at the end of the day – returning to our questions.

"Thank you Donna for such an informative workshop! I am really excited to start implementing many of your ideas, suggestions and examples into my workplace. Can't wait to share them with other organizations and friends who are challenged in the role of Coordinator of Volunteers." Sincerely, Kim Whiteman Stirling Festival Theatre, House and Facilities Manager, Kingston


"Hi Donna, I just wanted to tell you that I thought you offered a really great workshop and that you are a very dynamic speaker. I really liked how there were coordinators from so many different sectors in the room... we are all dealing with the same concerns but have different ideas for problem solving which is great. I look forward to attending another workshop that you offer in the future!" Kingston Best Practices participant.


“Donna’s professional, yet positive, upbeat personality carried the topics with such fluency and effectiveness. Learning with her was a pleasure!" (London participant)

“ How many times do you sign up for a workshop and don’t get anything out of it? With Donna you get what you expect. Donna’s teaching style is very clear. She teaches what the participants have asked for through a pre-course survey, states the expectations at the beginning of the course, and reviews before wrapping up to make sure objectives are met”. (London participant)

“Excellent workshop you kept me engaged the full day. P.S. thanks for the resource book as well; nice meeting you.” Janet Beachey, John Nobel Home

“As a newbie on the block for Volunteer Management, I learned so much from this workshop. Donna has a great open door policy for asking and sharing of information.” Louanne/City Housing Hamilton


"Donna is an amazing leader and facilitator. Her knowledge of volunteerism is extensive and up-to-date and her easy going manner makes everyone feel welcome and valued. I would definitely attend her workshops again". Irene Pradyszczuk, Advisory Committee Member/Volunteer Collingwood Museum.

"Donna is a fantastic facilitator and a strong advocate for volunteerism and the role of the volunteer coordinator. She is an expert in the field and her knowledge and experience is such a valuable gift to her students/attendees". Angela Canavan Administrative Assistant Brock Community Health Centre.


"Hi Donna: I want to thank you personally for such a great workshop. I found the material you presented to be very informative and it was put together in a clear and concise way. Our organization has had volunteers in the past but there was no “system” for them. I am very new on staff (less than a year) and the position of Volunteer Co-ordinator was created for me less than 6 months ago. I am now tasked with the exciting opportunity to create a program and system for volunteers. I am so pleased to have participated in your workshop as it has given me a great basis to begin. Before attending, the task was quite daunting because there was little infostructure in place but I have left your workshop feeling excited, renewed, and knowledgeable on how to best engage volunteers". Norah O'Donnell, Volunteer Coordinator & Special Projects.

“No wonder you are so successful at what you do. You have such a natural approach that it made me feel comfortable to be with you.” Tracy Pantalleresco, Volunteer Coordinator

"I will be completing the survey but I wanted to comment to you directly. I found your workshop extremely beneficial and the material very current and relevant to our agency. I have emailed my regional manger to relay this comment. I will also forward my comments to our regional volunteer specialist. Great job." Sharon Mindle, Heart & Stroke Peterborough.

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s training session. It was a very useful session and I for one and happy with the focused time spent on the first three key steps. I will be able to use some of the exercise to progress our volunteer services in a positive direction.” Thanks again!

Dawn Ashford, BSW, Coordinator, Volunteer Services

"Donna is an expert and professional presenter and was a pleasure to listen to for the workshop." Jyl Paas, Program Co-ordinator, J.W. MacIntosh, Seniors Support Centre.

"Thank you for the great workshop Donna!" Jess Lawrence, Katimavik

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