Developing a Strong Team
“Enabling Staff to Work with Volunteers”

Presented by Donna Lockhart, CVRM

No scheduled locations at this time. If you would like this topic in your community contact us. 

One of the biggest challenges today is getting “staff" on-board in an organization to work with and support volunteers. Volunteers will not stay or come back if they don’t feel welcomed and comfortable. How often have you heard or said yourself: "I worked really hard to find the right volunteer for that role/program only to find out that they left shortly after starting. I found out that staff treated them poorly!”

Healthy staff-volunteer relations do not just happen. What does it take to build a healthy culture in your organization? What does it take to build a team where paid and unpaid people work together to meet the goals of the organization? If you are ready to make this happen, then this workshop is for YOU!

Here are some of the key topics that will be explored in this workshop. 

  1. What makes for successful teams and healthy organizations?
  2. What does it take to build a culture or climate of volunteerism?
  3. What can we do to engage staff and help them understand the importance and value of volunteers?
  4. Why do staff resist? Registrants will be linked to a survey that asks about your staff challenges/issues.   Donna will tailor this training to address as many issues as possible. 
  5. Work on the 8 strategies to foster better staff-volunteer relations.
  6. Do staff understand why the organization engages volunteers? 

The workshop will get you going on the development of a statement and will provide you with a template to work on back at the office. This practical, interactive workshop will explore the issues and challenges that you face and provide practical solutions that you can implement the next day. You will come to appreciate what YOUR role is in achieving good staff-volunteer relations! Handout materials of the presentation, group exercise sheets and a template on developing a philosophy statement will be provided along with an opportunity to get involved, network and learn!

Testimonial from “Developing a Strong Team “ - participant in Kingston 2011.

“Best workshop I have been to in ages because it provided ideas, suggestions, and resources I can start using immediately. This morning I was ready to evaluate and then ‘can’ a program that has not been supported by staff and now I am excited to see it succeed because of the new ideas I am going to work on.” Member of the Kingston and Area Administrators of Volunteers.

For further information contact:

Donna Lockhart, Partner
1205 Connaught Drive,
Ennismore, Ontario, K0L 1T0
Phone: 1-705-292-5331

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