Board Leadership Development

The driving force behind the non-profit organiztion should be the Board of Directors, a group of dedicated volunteers to a community cause. Many assume that when a volunteer joins a board they come 'already packaged', trained and experienced. We have learned over the years that for many volunteers working on a board is often their first experience and exposure to the governance of the non profit sector. It can be daunting...and overwhelming and many times results in dissatisfaction, frustration and exit earlier than normal.

Organizations need to provide ongoing support to their volunteer board members to ensure effective organizations. In order to assist organizations we offer:

  • Board Training / Workshops
  • Strategic Planning

Donna worked for over eleven years helping to develop and expand the Volunteer Leadership Development Program of the United Way. This program recruited and trained volunteers in board leadership topics and matched them with organizations who needed support. Donna conducted many board needs assessements to determine the focus of additional training. Donna became a National Trainer for United Way of Canada and wrote the Leadership Development Program Manual for setting up this program. United Ways continue to offer this service in many communities often under the title of Leadership Development Services, or Training Services. Donna fully supports this UW initiative and has built much of her consulting and training of boards on the initial resources.

Board Training/Workshops

We provide a range of training opportunities specific to board leadership. These topics are best tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Topics can include but are not limited to: 

  • Governance and Management
  • Board Models
  • Board Position Descriptions
  • Committee Terms of Reference
  • Meetings Management
  • Board-Staff Relations
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning and
  • Policy Development

Sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of each board of directors. A 'board training needs assessment' session can also be facilitated.

Board - Strategic Planning

One of the most important areas of board governance is in long term planning. The RETHINK Group specializes in Strategic Planning for non profit organizations. With over thirty years experience, we can assist your board/staff with stakeholder consultations; conducting SWOT Analysis; Value Statements; Mission and Vision Development; Strategic Directions; Goals and Action Plans for implementation.

We work with groups to design sessions based on their experience, needs and budget. Examples include: The Peterborough Community Access Centre; Lennox-Addington Addiction Centre; Big Brothers and Sisters of Peterborough; and the Peterborough Outreach Program.


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