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September 2012 - Haliburton VOLUNTEER FAIR

On Saturday September 15, Donna was the guest speaker at the Haliburton Volunteer Fair. She spoke to potential volunteers about what to ask when seeking a volunteer opportunity and later spoke to Managers of Volunteers about changes in the field. The Haliburton County Echo published an article and photo in the Sept 18th edition. What was truly amazing was that Donna met a family friend whom she had not seen for many years...this person is about to retire to Haliburton to the cottage they have summered at. Jane wanted to find something to do when the move is complete. So you see Baby Boomers are seeking opportunities!! Because of Jane's background with museums and the arts, she was directed to agenices in this area.

2011-2012: Occupational Standards for Administrators of Volunteers

Donna recently completed her time as a volunteer Advisory Committee Member on a special project being coordinated by CAVR and the HR Council of Canada. This project developed Occupational Standards for the Administrator of Volunteers position, as an entry level position. This was a great opportunity to finally raise the profile of this field and to get training courses/certificates recognized as necessary foundation for the work of coordinating volunteers. These standards will help Executive Directors with hiring...set the bar for those looking to enter the field...and acknowledge the work we do!!! Thanks to CAVR and the HR Council for initiating this project!! The Occupational Standards for Manager of Volunteer were completed in the spring of 2012. It will now be up to CAVR to roll out the marketing. Donna thanks CAVR for giving her this volunteer opportunity where she was able to not only share her understanding and experience but learn from others in the field. It was a very worthwhile volunteer commitment.

Donna Lockhart on CBC Radio
February 10, 2009

On February 3rd, 2009, Donna Lockhart participated in CBC Radio's "Ontario Today" segment as a volunteer expert. Listen to the full segment (ReadAudio format, 48 minutes)

PAVR-O President's Award
June 01, 2008

Donna proudly accepts the President's Award for Exemplary Leadership, Innovation and Creativity. This was presented by Heather Steeves, President of PAVR-O at the annual conference May 2008. Donna completed a 5 year term as Director of Education. She will continue to volunteer by chairing a group who will integrate the Standards of Practice for Volunteer Management into the curriculum offered by Community Colleges, Certificate of Volunteer Management Programs.

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