Forecasting and Customized Trend Scans

The RETHINK GROUP is known internationally for our industry-leading trend research and forecasting for the leisure field.  The RETHINK GROUP is constantly monitoring trends that impact leisure interest and service delivery.  We prepare customized trend scans and reports, as well as trend newsletters for this and other sectors.

"The Elora Prescription" - the first Canadian trend scan of factors impacting leisure demand and service provision, with a prescription of the nature of leisure and service provision by 1999  - researched and written by the RETHINK GROUP - Ken Balmer, editor, 1978.

"LEISURE WATCH Canada", 18 issues which provided leading edge information about the future for the leisure industry.

“Foresight – Acting on Trends that Matter” – prepared by Ken Balmer and Brenda Clarke for the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop, 2009.

"Leisure Trends and the Older Adult" - Prepared by Robert Lockhart - a continuously updated report and customized seminar series documenting leisure/active living trends and best practices in service provision.

“Rethinking Leisure Services” – publication prepared by Ken Balmer and Brenda Clarke for the National Recreation Summit in Alberta, October, 2011.

"The Benefits of Parks and Recreation" research and catalogue completed in 1992 for the Parks and Recreation Federation of Ontario, and updated, reformatted and republished in 1997 as “The Benefits Catalogue” (see note below re: the most recent update of this data);

The 2010 Benefits Databank

Ken Balmer and Brenda Clarke from our British Columbia office have recently contributed to the updating of the ‘benefits of parks, recreation and culture’ research and the reformatting of the material and marketing messages into the 2010 interactive ‘Benefits Databank’ – hosted by the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association – accessed via (

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