Consulting Services

The foundation for Donna's consulting work consists of: 

  • Building a strong relationship with the client to ensure clarity about outcomes
  • Attention to detail
  • Inspiring clients with creative ideas and new approaches and,
  • Outstanding follow-up

The RETHINK Group offers a wide range of consulting opportunities. Here are some examples.

  • We can assist your organization with an assessment or audit of your volunteer program to determine strengths and areas to work on.
  • We work with you to develop an appropriate staffing model (for organizations who cannot designate a single staff the responsibilities for volunteer engagement/management).
  • We can also help with problem solving and capacity building issues by working together to develop recommendations and solutions.

Sample Project: Volunteer Engagement Strategy

Client: Organization that understands the importance of engaging volunteers in meaningful opportunities and who want to improve and grow their volunteer capacity. This consultation is an overall assessment of the volunteer program. In this day and age with so many changes to the volunteer environment, organizations need to take time to examine current practices against future needs.

This process involves several steps and timing depends on the client's agenda. We amalgamate and use several tools to provide the information behind practical results. At our initial meeting, we work together to determine the level of assessment and the tools to apply.

Tools could consist of:

  1. Interviews/meetings with key staff
  2. Audit tools such as the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement
  3. Volunteer Management Audit 
  4. Surveys with past and current volunteers 

By the end of this process you have a final report on your volunteer program that includes:

  1. A completed "audit" that assesses all aspects of your volunteer program outlining what you do well and what needs to be worked on. This includes areas such as recruitment, policies and procedures, screening initiatives etc.
  2. Perceptions from your past and current volunteers to enrich the findings and support any recommended direction.
  3. Practical recommendations for action and where to start.
  4. All results from surveys and interviews are part of the final report and belong to the client.

Part of this work might also include training tailored to meet specific needs of staff or volunteers.



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