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Many organizations struggle with determining how and whether to expand their volunteer services. Or they are struggling because the volunteer resources they once had are simply not there anymore. It is harder and harder to recruit volunteers today. There are many useful tools and assessments available and the knowledge and objectivity of an outside consultant can make all the difference in expanding volunteer resources.   

A good research foundation even as simple as examining the history of volunteers and challenges over the years, can provide valuable information from which to make changes. If your organization wants to grow its human resources in order to fulfill your mission, Donna can assist you in a number of ways. The following are some ideas and tools that she has used to assist organizations.

  • Volunteer Program Audits, Assessment and Strategies
  • Volunteer Canada: 14 Standards Audits 
  • Population and trends analysis for expanding your volunteer base
  • Survey Tools: Volunteer Satisfaction
  • Volunteer Program Manuals, Resource Kits, Handbooks and Training Manuals
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals.

Sample Projects:

Capitol Theatre of North Bay: Donna conducted an assessment with both staff and volunteers to determine the current state of volunteer engagement and matched this against the 14 standards from Volunteer Canada. An extensive online volunteer survey revealed important information to improve and build on volunteer loyalty. An examination of population figures helped to formulate recommendations to grow volunteers for North Bay Arts. Two community-wide workshops on youth and baby boomer engagement rounded out the project and gave valuable information to other nonprofits to help them develop volunteer resources. 

Township of Minden Hills: Donna worked with Community Services staff to address volunteer engagement issues from a committee, event and program level. Use of the 14 Standards combined with staff and volunteer online surveys, provided the information for useful, practical recommendations in a community that faces rural and aging population challenges. 

Look Good/Feel Better Foundation: Conducted several online volunteer surveys for the Foundation. A Volunteer Satisfaction Survey gave ideas and information to build better volunteer relations. This gives an organization valuable data to build goals/objectives for the improvement of volunteer services. 

Scugog Council for the Arts: Volunteer Engagement Strategy - Donna conducted an assessment with the staff/board of the Council to determine the present state of volunteer services. Based on review, analysis, collaborative discussion, she then developed several opportunities for training of both staff and volunteers. Each session created ideas/strategies that the Council could implement over the next few years to improve overall volunteer engagement. Donna also assisted the Council with their application for grant/funding in order to complete this project.  

Northumberland Food for Thought Project - Donna initially conducted strategic planning and population/trend analysis for the Northumberland Region in order to determine the potential for volunteerism and challenges facing breakfast programs. From this came recommendations for action, training sessions on volunteer engagement for the breakfast coordinators and a handout kit for volunteers.


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