The RETHINK GROUP shares a 42 year tradition of consulting and training excellence in the fields of planning, management, research and human resource development.

Founded in 1979, the RETHINK GROUP works with all levels of government, NGOs, business and the non-profit sector to help our clients plan and prepare for the future, and to train staff and enhance volunteer services and resources. Through our offices in Ontario and British Columbia, we have made a commitment to nurturing visionary and strategic leadership.  We work with those who face the challenges head on ... and who understand that change is the essential survival tool of the decade.

             Helping you embrace change,
                         nurture strategic leadership,
                                      and incubate innovation;
                                                shaping your future with confidence!

Our Focus

  •   Leisure Services Planning and Management,
  •   Strategic Planning and Visioning, and
  •   Volunteer Engagement.

As an integral component of these specialty areas, we have also developed a great deal of successful experience in community and stakeholder engagement and group facilitation.

Our Ontario Leadership Team

Robert Lockhart - the primary focus of Robert's work is leisure services planning and management, strategic planning and visioning, community and stakeholder engagement, and group facilitation.

Robert Lockhart

Hons B.A. (Geography); M.E.S. (Masters of Environmental Studies - Urban Recreation Planning)

More about Robert Lockhart ... 
Donna Lockhart - the primary focus of Donna's work is volunteer engagement, strategic planning and visioning, and group facilitation.

Donna Lockhart

Hons B.A. (Geography); M.E.S. (Masters of Environmental Studies – Community Development)

More about Donna Lockhart ....
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